Friday, February 28, 2014


Dyersburg's Newest Pharmacy James & Wilks Is Taking Dyersburg By Storm

Dyersburg's newest pharmacy(James & Wilks) has just opened and is really meeting the needs of the community.
James & Wilks Pharmacy recently opened at 640 Mall Boulevard( behind Dyersburg Mall) and it owned by Bethany Wilks and Mart James both of which worked as Pharmacists for many years here in Dyersburg.

I know this is primarily a Dyersburg real estate blog but there are so many new people moving to Dyersburg and all of them will need a pharmacy. This is just a community service announcement about James & Wilks Pharmacy and I would like to personally recommend them as I am one of their regular happy and very satisfied customers. For directions or information call 731-334-5179.

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