Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Dyersburg Real Estate Market Projections For 2015

Here are some Dyersburg real estate market projections for 2015. First of all let me say that our Carousel Realty December closing board is almost completely filled up with closings. I do not remember a December with some many projected closings.

I talked with David Hayes(who is the President of Security Bank in Dyersburg) today about what the analysts are saying about next year. He told me that interest rates are projected to stay in a pretty narrow range like we have been seeing. He also said the rural markets will lag behind the metro markets.

Another banker told me about the same thing today. He too believes Dyersburg's market will continue to improve but maybe not as much as the larger cities.

Now here are some of my own observations:

The local economy is still tied to the national economy which is tied to the world economy. China and other countries are still experiencing sluggish business activity which in turn affects us all.

The current leadership of our country has so many regulations and new regulations in place that are a definite drag on our national economy. A pro growth president could do much to improve the U.S. economy.

I predict the Dyersburg real estate market will continue improving gradually. With a new Republican congress coming in early January, that will have little effect on our economy. If a pro growth President is elected in 2016, then we will see a return to more normal real estate activity.

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