Saturday, February 17, 2007


Get ready for Dyersburg to grow grow grow

I received a google alert yesterday and read the alert and it was an article written on another blog about a piece of property that I sold and closed on Friday. My friend and fellow realtor Jimmy wrote about my sale (thank-you Jimmy) and I have copied and pasted a portion of his post here:

----Hwy 51 Bypass
Yesterday's sale on the Hwy 51 Bypass tells the whole story. Dyersburg real esate is more valuable now than ever. The records show that a parcel of land on the 51 Bypass - East sold for $175,000. It has 135' of road frontage and is approximately 2/3 of an acre. That's right at $1,300 per front foot on the Bypass.----

In an earlier post I mentioned that the commercial activity was about to really get going. This commercial lot that sold on Friday is just the tip of the iceberg. There are ongoing negotiations on other commercial land parcels so please come back as I expect more exciting news on commercial land purchases as well as news of other industries relocating to the Dyersburg area.


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