Friday, November 12, 2010


Very Busy Week With Clients Ends Tomorrow

This is the first time in quite some time that I have shown Dyersburg real estate almost everyday of the week. I still have some second showings tomorrow morning.

On Monday my family moving here from central Kentucky came down and the wife looked at property with me while the husband completed his final job interview at a plant here.They have 6 kids so we only looked at the larger homes. We have not decided on one yet and the wife will be back in a few days to look some more. They really need at least a 6 bedroom and the price range is between $200,000 and $285,000.

On Tuesday my middle Tennessee family came in to look and they have narrowed down their list to 2 properties. We go back tomorrow to make the final selection.

On Wednesday a doctor and his family came in and we looked at property and they have made their final pick.

On Thursday my clients from Natchez, Mississippi came in and we started looking at property at 2pm. I could not start any sooner as I had to march in the veterans parade and then eat at the national guard armory with the vets. However, this family narrowed their final list down to 3 and I am sure they are having a hard time deciding which one to buy.

Today, I caught up on my e-mail and also helped my maintenance man change out a water heater in one of our rental apts.

Tomorrow I wrap up the week hopefully with another contract and happy clients.

If you have a 6+ bedroom house you are considering selling, I have the client so call me or text me at 731-589-7841.


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