Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Dyersburg Real Estate Market "Red Hot" November-December 2011

The Dyersburg real estate market has turned red hot during the month of November and going into the month of December.

I cannot pinpoint why people are choosing to buy now unless it is just demand that has built up and now is just the time.

Although we are still selling lots of Dyersburg foreclosures, we are also starting to have more "regular home sales" as well.

Part of this business is move-ups and part of it is recent transfers in. I am thank-ful to be so busy and look forward to assisting your family with their Dyersburg relocation. My direct number is 731-589-7841 and my name is Mike Frazier.

If I get a break from the activity in next day or two I will do another post comparing November 2011 to November 2010. I am sure we will see a healthy increase.


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