Monday, January 02, 2012


Final Residential Sales Numbers For Dyersburg 2011

As promised, here are the final Dyersburg real estate residential sales numbers for 2011.

First of all let me give you our December 2011 residential sales numbers for just Dyersburg. Last year, Dyersburg's December residential sales were $711,800 verses our 2011 December sales of $1,963,631. That is an increase of 176%. And remember, all of our expected December closing didn't happen. I personally have 2 sales that will probable close this week that were supposed to close in December. My agents also have some of those also as I am sure is the case across the entire MLS.

Now lets compare Dyersburg residential sales for all of 2011 verses Dyersburg residential sales for all of 2010. Last year(2011) residential sales were $13,891,435 and 2010 they were $9,999,708 for an increase of 39%.

Looking further into the sales figures for our entire MLS, Dyer County was off 3% for the entire year verses 2010(this does not include Dyersburg,Trimble or Newbern).
Newbern was off 40% for 2011 residential sales verses 2010.

From all this data, we can see that the City of Dyersburg is beginning to turn the corner for real estate sales but the county and outlying cities are still having trouble.


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